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   An innovative group that has revolutionized the Dhol through mixing traditional Bhangra rhythm with world beats. With over 30 percussionists and influence from African, Brazilian and Indian rhythms, Dhol Circle has integrated their original sound to create an explosive rhythmic experience.

Facilitated drum circle takes place every week in which a leader helps to focus the intent and improve the quality and effect of the drum jam. Dhols and/or percussion are handed out or already in place, and people come not to 'learn to drum' but simply to have fun playing together.

The facilitator guides and encourages the participants to create exciting in-the-moment music. The focus is on the connection and communication between the participants. Dhols and other percussion from any culture, homemade or 'junk' instruments are usually welcome at such a circle.



   Dhol Circle also experiments with open gatherings of drummers with no formal leadership or moderation. The structure is often casual as the participants themselves are responsible for the starting and stopping of rhythms. Once a rhythm is introduced, others follow and contribute their own accents to build the beat organically until it either evolves into a new rhythm or loses its momentum and stops. Listening, improvisation and restraint are the keys to following the ever shifting layers of rhythm.

So if you're looking to nourish your Mind, Body and Soul; listen to your inner drummer and come out and jam with Dhol Circle. Bring a drum, bring a friend and get ready to have some fun!

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